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Monday, 30 November 2015

The NWO Grotesquely exploiting The Horrors of Paris to Justify More Horrors in Syria -- David Icke

The NWO Grotesquely exploiting The Horrors of Paris to Justify More Horrors in Syria -- David Icke

Lord Feldman under pressure to quit over Conservative bullying scandal

Lord Feldman under pressure to quit over Conservative bullying scandal

Tory party chairman faces questions over his handling of an investigation into election aide Mark Clarke

Lord Feldman is under pressure to quit as Tory chairman over the bullying and blackmail scandal engulfing the party, before a Conservative board meeting on Monday that will look at ordering a full independent inquiry.
Feldman, a close friend of David Cameron, is facing questions over his handling of an investigation into election aide Mark Clarke, who was accused of bullying young activist Elliott Johnson before his apparent suicide.
Johnson had made a formal complaint about Clarke in August and claimed he was being bullied by him in the note left before his death in September. A string of further complaints then emerged about Clarke’s alleged behaviour, including accusations of plotting blackmail against MPs and others, including deputy chairman Robert Halfon, more bullying, including of Tory MP Ben Howlett, and sexual harassment of female activists.Elliott Johnson: the young Tory destroyed by the party he loved

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Some of these complaints and names of complainants are then said to have beenleaked back to Clarke during the investigation into his conduct, allowing him to allegedly put pressure on them to withdraw their evidence. Clarke denies all allegations against him.
Grant Shapps, who was co-chairman until May, resigned as a minister on Saturday over the scandal. He had brought Clarke on board to run the RoadTrip2015 campaign that was bussing young activists round the country.
Shapps quit as international development minister after the Guardian revealed that Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi had written to him in January to demand action against Clarke for abusing her on Twitter, but had not got a satisfactory response.

Until this weekend, Conservative central office had repeatedly claimed it had no warning of Clarke’s alleged behaviour before Johnson’s death.
Feldman is also facing calls from Johnson’s father, Ray, and Paul Goodman, the former Tory MP and editor of the ConservativeHome website, to take responsibility for the party’s apparent failure to protect young activists. Both have also questioned the independence of the internal inquiry set up by Feldman to look into the allegations against Clarke, which is being chaired by judge and Tory insider Edward Legard.
Goodman said it was “plain that the party can no longer be allowed to mark its own homework” and it was not sufficiently credible to have the current internal inquiry validated by external lawyers from Clifford Chance.
Feldman was one of four senior officials to sign off on Clarke’s official involvement in the Tory election campaign. He has also been in sole charge of the party since May, and his sister, Deborah Feldman, was involved in the Team2015 campaign for activists.

Elliott Johnson and Tory bullying claims – timeline

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Downing Street is standing behind Feldman, saying that Cameron has full confidence in the party chairman. It was revealed on Sunday that Feldman is one of at least 40 people giving evidence as a witness in the investigation but will have no other involvement in overseeing the inquiry.
The inquiry is being carried out by Conservative officials, and audited by Clifford Chance, while Feldman will not have any oversight role. However, the inquiry staff will still ultimately report to Feldman, and have to gather evidence from their own colleagues. Feldman is also chairing the Conservative board meeting on Monday.
There are also questions about the role of Emma Pidding, who was ennobled by the Conservatives this month, and who had agreed to chair a new RoadTrip2020 campaign run by Clarke. This was launched in July, and attended by Halfon, but Conservative central office denies it was signed off by Feldman, authorised or funded by the party. Lady Pidding has denied being the source of leaks back to Clarke, saying she did not know the specific nature of the complaints or the names of the people making them.

The board of the Conservative party, chaired by Feldman and made up of MPs, peers and activists, will have a meeting on Monday at which there is expected to be pressure on the party to order a fully independent and external inquiry. Conservative party headquarters has repeatedly said it has no record of complaints against Clarke before August, but at least one has been uncovered in the letter from former co-chair Lady Warsi dating back to January.
One Conservative board member, Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne and member of the 1922 committee, told the Guardian there were a series of questions that must be answered at the meeting.
What we need to establish is this: did central office receive complaints about the conduct of Mark Clarke? If it did receive complaints, what was the nature of the complaints? How were the complaints recorded? And once recorded, how were they dealt with? If complaints were indeed received, we suspect they were, but we don’t know, were the complaints leaked back to Mark Clarke? That would be deeply, deeply concerning.
The whole thing is concerning. There is a lot of sound and fury about this but what has got to be established is what complaints were received by central office. Then there is a broader issue and that is around how young activists could possibly be led to believe that campaigning as a young Conservative is anything more than having fun with friends. The idea your performance as a young Conservative would have any bearing on your selection as a future parliamentarian is very worrying.”
He said one of the options on the table for the board would be ordering an external inquiry.

Bernard Jenkin, another member of the 1922 committee, called for a full governance review of the Conservative party and said this was the time for Feldman to grip the problems of a bullying problem across the whole political scene.
I would urge the board of the Conservative party to live up to its real responsibility and to announce a governance review of the Conservative party,” he told the BBC. “As for Andrew Feldman, he came into this a chief executive. He is not a political figure and there was a clear demarcation between what Shapps was doing on the political side and what Andrew Feldman was doing on the raising money and running central office employees. The way he conducts the board now as chairman is how we should judge him ... This is his time to grip it.”
Liam Fox, a senior Conservative and former defence secretary, said the scandal brought up questions about the “culture of our politics”.
I think we’ve gone away from the culture of the party as a family into the party purely as a campaigning tool,” he told LBC. “It’s a cultural shift we should row back from.”
Asked whether Feldman should resign, he said there was a “whole process that needs to be taken” and he was uncomfortable about jumping to conclusions.
Shapps made clear in his resignation statement that he was taking full responsibility, in a move that appeared to be an attempt to stop the scandal spreading further through the Conservative party. Shapps has told the prime minister the “buck should stop with me”.
Cameron had congratulated Clarke on his running of the RoadTrip campaign, and his own political secretary, Stephen Gilbert, now Lord Gilbert, was director of campaigning at the election.

Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, supported this position on the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show, as he put all responsibility on to Shapps rather than Feldman.
The person directly responsible for central office, for campaigning, is the co-chairman Grant Shapps. He signed up Mark Clarke’s operation. He has accepted responsibility and yesterday he resigned,” Fallon said.
Asked whether Feldman had to go as well, Fallon did not directly support the chairman, but said: “It was Grant Shapps who was in charge of campaigning and who was involved in this and I think it’s best now to see where the investigation takes us.”
A 20-year-old activist, who has reported Clarke to Kent police for alleged blackmail after he complained to CCHQ that he had been duped into performing a sex act on camera and met with an alleged demand for cash to stop it being posted online, said it was right for Shapps to have resigned. Clarke denies the allegations.
Clarke and Shapps were definitely connected. It wasn’t necessarily obvious that they were friendly or anything like that but they were definitely working together.
I think it’s the right thing that he went ... I’d like to see Clarke’s relationship with Lord Feldman scrutinised properly. I never saw him dealing with Clarke directly. It was always done through Grant Shapps.”

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Shocking childhood satanic ritual abuse

Hi Friends,
This an urgent request from a very good friend of mine called  Neelu. She is determined to help bring to light the existence of shocking childhood satanic ritual abuse – in particular the Hampstead Christchurch  case. Her devoted interest to help stop these shocking rituals stems from the upsetting time when she found out that  her own baby niece was abused and murdered at the hands of ritual abusers when the baby was in hospital....!
(You might Remember that Jimmy Savile was seen at a satanic ritual in Stoke Mandeville Hospital and two survivors went to the same therapist who reported the news to the press and the Daily Express printed a long article, which is still on the Internet...)
I first met Neelu on 22nd March outside Hampstead Christchurch when I joined the very first gathering to silently protest against the way the Draper children had been treated and I was drawn to travel from Cumbria  to support them and their statements.  Several police were in evidence and the congregation came out of the church to the accompaniment of Christine Ann Sands shouting loudly ‘Baby Eaters – ....!) 
There was a slightly built Asian lady who peacefully walked up to the church gates (she did not go in the church – although she has been accused of doing so by the police and the vicar of the church....) and she spoke quietly to various people. 
There was no way she caused a loud disturbance as Christine Sands did a very good job of doing that and yet Neelu was arrested 3 times and her laptops, cameras and phone stolen by the police. Also, although the children never named their mother as being involved with the ritual abuse that they suffered, yet they did name their father – who seemed to be the leader of the cult, but the police threated to arrest the mother and then allowed the father access to the children!! This is a classic case of Satanic inversion and in my opinion, this is in everybody’s faces and the populations need to ‘wake up’ to what has been doing on.
E.g. Sir Jimmy Savile, Lord Janner, Lord Britten and all the paedophiles which we know are in Parliament and many whistle blowers and good hearted folk are often sectioned or imprisoned for telling the truth. Check out the amazing film created by a survivor – Russell Burton – called ‘Savile, the Nineth Circle and the Royal Connection.’ (The last part of the title of this film gives a big clue to some of the reasons why the establishment is desperate to cover up the truth. This must not be allowed to carry on of course...)
Back to Neelu - I have recently spent some time with her and  over night with and can vouch for the fact that she is totally honest and she has a big heart with impressive feisty determination to expose the dark truths. ALL POWER FO HER ELBOW!!
Please do what you can to help and if you are familiar with the Hampstead case – respond in the best way you can by e-mailing the links that Neelu has given below. If you are not familiar with the case, there is so much on the Internet as the experiences of the children and the way the ‘criminals’ have been protected by the police and CPS has gone ‘viral all over the world.’
The latest interview with the children’s mother and partner is from the US and the link is :-
Here is Neelu’s message  - do your best to help as a huge amount is at stake here. Also check out UK column broadcast yesterday as Brian Gerrish is interviewing an amazing survivor of SRA called ‘Victoria Ash’ and she has been campaigning for more than 20 years to expose this truth. This lady is amazing – please watch on    Thursday’s programme 25.11.15.
Also if you are able to be at the court – I look forward to seeing you there. One of the reasons I am also determined to help expose the truth about child abuse and in particular SRA is partly because I came into this incarnation with a large amount of Indigo energy and the other is due to the fact my husband – Terry- was sadistically sexually abused when he was aged 14 and the experiences really did badly affect him throughout his life.
Love and light from Pen *

PS Just a reminder that when we are dealing with this whole subject, it helps to rise above judgement,  as many abusers were demonically or dark entity possessed. It will help if we keep centred in our hearts and know that when we join together – we are a hugely powerful force for good.

The Failure of Capitalism? | Paul Craig Roberts Debates Stefan Molyneux

The Failure of Capitalism? | Paul Craig Roberts Debates Stefan Molyneux

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

‘Tatler Tory’ scandal: Senior aide ‘blackmailed’ whistleblower with sex tape

Tatler Tory’ scandal: Senior aide ‘blackmailed’ whistleblower with sex tape

A senior election aide at the heart of a deepening sex scandal engulfing the Conservative Party has been accused of blackmailing an activist days before he was due to expose crucial evidence about him.

Police have been investigating claims that Tory aide Mark Clarke, who has been dubbed ‘the Tatler Tory,’ used revenge porn to threaten the 19-year-old Tory activist and demand he pay £2,500 (US$3,750).
The pornographic video contained footage of the victim performing a sex act, which he had allegedly been tricked into doing.
The activist refused to pay the money, and as a result, the video was shared online.
Friends of the whistleblower said the blackmail attempt was made on Skype, just as the activist was preparing to hand Conservative campaign headquarters evidence to prove that Clarke is ‘a bully and abuser’.
Officers have not yet been able to identify the blackmailer behind the release of the video.
A man contacted the police on September 4 alleging that he has been blackmailed by strangers. The crime was recorded and enquiries were carried out, but no suspects have been identified,” a spokesperson for Kent police said.
Clarke, who failed to unseat Labour’s Sadiq Khan from his Tooting constituency in 2010, denies all allegations.
I welcome any police investigation into this matter. I was also targeted by this fake account while in bed with my wife, who was a witness to the attempt,” he told the Guardian.
I hope that they find the culprit and, of course in this tech-enabled age, it is relatively straightforward to prove or disprove such matters if there is a suspect.”
Clarke was permanently expelled from the Conservative Party after several complaints were made about his behavior while he ran a group for young activists.
In a statement released last week, a party spokesperson said: “In the light of information that has come to our knowledge this week, Mark Clarke’s membership of the Conservative Party has been cancelled for life.
This means he cannot be [an election] candidate or represent the party in any way.”
At least 20 women have complained to the Conservative Central Office about Clarke, according to the Mail Online.
In a letter to the party’s chairman, Lord Feldman, one woman claimed the married father-of-two sexually assaulted her, threatened her when she complained and snorted cocaine at party events.
Shapps aide Abbott “I first complained about Mark Clarke in 2014” – “he is an appalling man and I wish I’d never met him”
BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight)November 20, 2015
He also allegedly used the motto ‘Isolate, Inebriate, Penetrate’ to sleep with at least six female colleagues.
Last week, a female Tory aide to Prime Minister David Cameron’s ‘anti-porn’ adviser was forced to quit her role after it emerged she had sex with Clarke on a pub pool table.
Clarke is also accused of bullying Tory activist Elliot Johnson, who committed suicide.
The accused is currently residing in a £1,000 per night hotel in Barbados with his wife and two children.
On Sunday, it emerged Conservative chiefs investigating the scandal received a complaint from a 22-year-old activist who claims she woke up naked in a Tory MP’s bed with no memory of the night before.
All she remembers is that she woke up naked and doesn’t remember getting undressed,” the source told the Telegraph.
Police are investigating all claims made against members of the Conservative Party.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.