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Bring on a British revolution – it's long overdue

Bring on a British revolution – it's long overdue

We've never managed more than a few riots – we need something more radical
Stephen Hester was given a £6m bonus for collecting bank charges
Stephen Hester was given a £6m bonus simply for collecting bank charges Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/REUTERS
The name of my incomparable and sclerotic history teacher was simply McGuire, though later on we discovered that he also had a first name.
I always had the impression that his favourite periods of history were those marked by popular upheaval, because he seemed to take an almost lascivious pleasure in describing the casual brutalities that preceded and followed events such as the Russian and French revolutions.
When he eventually reached the point where the ancien regimes in these countries fell, McGuire was at his disdainful best. Thus, beheadings and eviscerations were always delivered with an insouciant irony that made the great moments he described all the more chilling.
At least the Russians and the French got there in the end. In Britain, as we learned from McGuire's sulphurous sarcasm, all we managed were a few unco-ordinated riots and querulous behaviour at places such as Spa Fields, Bristol and Manchester. And, as the historian John E Archer has pointed out, many of these disturbances were carried out by people who wanted to maintain the status quo, not to overthrow it.
The social evils prevalent in Britain in the 80 years or so before the Great Reform Act in 1832 were universal: no right to vote, seemingly endless overseas adventures purely for the enrichment of the aristocracy, cruel and unusual punishments for minor offences, poor wages, widespread disease and low mortality rates. All of this during a period when Britain was the pre-eminent geopolitical force in the world and the Industrial Revolution was making lots of factory owners obscenely rich.
Historians in Russia and France, and later in Spain, Portugal and Italy, can all fill their boots as they analyse and interpret the momentous revolutions and civil wars that changed the course of history in their countries. Britain's historians, meanwhile, can only quarrel among themselves, in their brandy-soaked scrofulousness, about the level of danger posed by various types of village disturbances.
The real questions that need to be answered are these: why has there never been a proper revolution in Britain? Why, effectively, did Britain's poor simply hold up Father Ted placards saying: "Down with this sort of thing"?
I have my theory about this. Britain, the world's most belligerent country, was in a state of almost constant warfare in the 18th and 19th centuries. If we didn't have our own wars to fight, we would soon find someone else's war in which to get stuck in. Thus, there was simply no time for the working class to get properly organised. To fight a war, you need money and poor people. Britain always had an abundance of both. The money came from increased taxation of the poor who saw a war as an opportunity for a few years of guaranteed bed, board and wages, which was more than they could count on in Britain.
Some of us are asking the same questions of ourselves in 2013: why, in the face of so much inequality, corporate dishonesty, police brutality and political corruption, do we simply grumble and stage good-natured and orderly marches, with multigrain sandwiches and infants in prams? Why do we continue to be bought off with endless royal jubilees, worthless Olympiads and the creeping militarisation of a country whose soldiers are treated like heroes for fighting wars against developing world nations?
More events last week – some big and national, some small and local – have illustrated how deep the roots of social inequality go in this country.Stephen Hester, the chief executive of RBS, was the latest banker to walk away with a financial package massively in excess of what he achieved. In effect, this chap was given a £6m bonus simply for collecting those insidious and corrupt bank charges the government allows them to impose.
While this was being announced, the Institute for Fiscal Studies told us that British workers have endured pay cuts of around 6% in the last five years. This is a bigger salary reduction than in any previous five-year period and shows that as the strength of trade unionism has declined, management militancy has increased.
While Vodafone, Google, Rangers FC and hundreds of other major companies have been allowed to deprive the exchequer of billions in tax revenues, the Westminster government remains focused on doing what the Conservatives have been doing for hundreds of years: penalising the poor.
In 21st-century Scotland, increasing numbers of food banks are being established. That's right; there are still thousands of people who cannot afford to feed both themselves and their children and the Scottish government last week revealed that 150,000 Scots children are living inpoverty.
Many of those who are seeking their battered tins of spaghetti hoops or bashed packets of pasta are not the feckless drug- and alcohol-addicted workshy of popular rightwing myth. According to one charity organiser in Glasgow's East End I talked to last week, these are people who often have to accept scandalously low-paid work simply because they don't want to take benefits. In the winter, they will be penalised again when the cartelism of the energy companies kicks in and they can only afford to heat one room in their home.
Not long ago, these people would have been able to turn to the Labour party and the trade unions to fight their corner, but those days are long gone. These days, strike action is confined to boutique one-day stoppages. If people begin to make rude messages with their fingers or snarl at the police who will outnumber them two to one, then they will be kettled and jostled by our state-licensed knuckle-draggers.
The Labour party, meanwhile, has been kidnapped by a shower of unprincipled Oxbridge careerists and their utterly useless Scottish concubines.
The real wonder of the 2011 riots in England and Wales isn't that they happened at all but that there weren't more of them, that they didn't last longer and that there was so little violence. A British revolution is long, long overdue … but perhaps we simply don't deserve one.

Welcome to Jazz Fest

David Freedman, WWOZ General Manager via 

8:21 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
Welcome to Jazz Fest


Jazz Fest is just around the corner: visions of yet another orgy of
music, food, sun and fun are sending me into sensory overload, and it
isn't even the last weekend of April!

Maybe it's just the lingering effects of what has to have been
the best French Quarter Festival in the history of French Quarter
Festivals.  Or maybe it's just the break in the unrelenting
winter weather that blossomed this past weekend into full-bodied
spring, just in time to savor the music in full dance mode.

Whatever it is, that same satisfying buzzy feeling lingers after
French Quarter Fest as it always does the week or so after Jazz Fest.
And with Jazz Fest just around the corner, it all seems like one big
celebration. As French Quarter Fest continues to up its game in size,
production values, and musician selection, one can't escape the
comparison with Jazz Fests of days past: a music and food extravaganza
featuring all local musicians and an ever-lengthening menu of local
epicurean experiences, all affordable to local residents.

French Quarter Fest, just like Jazz Fest, is straining to find
additional space in which to tuck more attractions and even more
people. I can't imagine that the hotels and restaurants were any
less sold out last week then they will be next. It's already
gotten to the point where I'm hearing my friends say that
they'll only consider going to French Quarter Fest on Thursday or
Friday because of the crowds. Sound familiar?

As French Quarter Fest gets better, the only real difference (beside
price!) is the number of truly marquee names that Jazz Fest offers
(hence the difference in price). If there are any stars in the mix
that you simply cannot miss, then the issue of price quickly changes
into a question of value. And no one can argue that for the money,
access to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Phish, Santana, Trombone
Shorty, Lyle Lovett, Robert Plant and Eric Clapton for less than 1/3
of the price of most festivals with those same artists is well worth
the money.

Hmm.... if only there was a music festival the weekend between
Jazz Fest and French Quarter Fest.  As I always say, "too much
ain't enough."

Yours in barricades and marinades,

David Freedman
General Manager

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, April 25 - May 4
Recipe for Jazz & Heritage Festival: start with the world's
greatest music lineup, add a dizzying array of amazing food and drink,
and give it all the warm happy vibe of family reunion. Oh, and put it
in New Orleans, where the music will continue in clubs and bars all
night long. Serve it over seven spring days, and let WWOZ live
broadcast some of the tastiest parts.

If you can't be at Jazz Fest, don't miss our live broadcasts.

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Marsalis, Jon Cleary, Davell Crawford, John Gros, Marcia Ball, Cyrus
Chestnut, Joe Krown and many more.

WWOZ's Online Music Calendar
Wondering what night shows you might check out after a day at Jazz
Fest? Sounds like a question for WWOZ's Music Calendar, the online
version of the Livewire. For April 25, the first day of the fest,
night shows include, among dozens of other great shows: at the Blue
Nile, Kermit and Soul Rebels; at the Rock 'n' Bowl, Sonny Landreth,
Bonerama, and Tab Benoit; at the Spotted Cat, Washboard Chaz and the
Cottonmouth Kings.

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Larry Hartzog's Mellow Brew Fest, AKA "Larry Fest" is a benefit
concert and Home Brewer's Competition honoring the late Larry
Hartzog and dedicated to supporting local area charities. A portion of
the proceeds of this year's event, which happens on Saturday,
May 10 at the Mellow Mushroom of Covington, will benefit WWOZ. Larry
Fest combines food, beer, and music, including a performance by Guitar
Slim. The Beer Garden will feature tastings of beers from across
Louisiana and surrounding areas.

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Shoutout: Robert Alford

Robert Alford
Finding an advertising company that gets the eclectic character of
WWOZ was no easy task; luckily, we met Robert Alford. Longtime friends
and supporters of the station, they got us immediately. The Alford
team created the "Guardians of the Groove" campaign, the one you see
in publications and on bus shelters around New Orleans, featuring
people like Irma Thomas, Kermit Ruffins, and Meschiya Lake.

Recipe: Shrimp Cornbread
What's better than some good old-fashioned cornbread? How about
cornbread with fresh shrimp and jalapenos! Cook up a batch of this
traditional recipe from Brigsten's New Orleans restaurant to share
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Anti-fracking protestors host a ‘fracked future’ carnival outside a London shale gas conference featuring speakers including fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and comedienne Josie Long.
The Shale Gas Forum will be the site of a ‘Fracked Future’ themed carnival emphasising what campaigners say is the very real prospect of an environmentally polluted future if the fledgling UK shale gas industry takes off.  Hundreds of protesters are expected at the event, which invites participants to dress up in a way that they think represents a toxic future.  There will be a samba band, music from dub step artist Jamie King along with speeches from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and comedienne Josie Long.
Campaigners want to draw attention to the Shale Gas Forum [1].  The £1,000 per person event was originally scheduled to be held at the lavish Jumeriah Carlton Tower in Knightsbridge.  On Friday, the organisers of the event moved the conference to the HAC Armoury in Old Street citing security concerns.  However, this did not deter protestors who also moved to the new location.
The conference is hosting officials from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Environment Agency as keynote speakers alongside the chief executives of Cuadrilla and IGas – two companies whose drilling sites have been the focus of protest camps in Balcombe and Salford. They plan to discuss regulation, a new tax regime, as well as new ways to sell fracking to the British public.
‘In light of the recent flooding, it’s clear we we urgently need to tackle climate change. It is wholly irresponsible for the government to continue locking us in to a fossil fuel future by pursuing fracking.  The IPCC reports are very clear.  We can not continue to extract new fossil fuels.  We need to move to a sustainable energy future and invest in clean, safe, community-owned renewable energy projects,’ said Hannah Jones of Frack Off London.
Designer-campaigner Vivienne Westwood said:
‘It is clear that we are not being told the whole truth about fracking in the UK when we are told that it is safe. In fact, there are several potential threats to our countryside, our water and our health.  We are running headlong towards climate change and more fossil fuels is not a solution.’
Hydraulic fracturing also known as ‘fracking’ involves blasting huge quantities of fresh water, sand and highly toxic chemicals into rocks deep in the earth to release gas.  The controversial process has been credited with bringing down US gas prices but has also been linked to water contamination in four US states. [2] It was also blamed for causing earth tremors in Blackpool. [3]

What Do Police Fear? The Truth?

What Do Police Fear? The Truth?

Paul Butler
Paul Butler is a law professor at Georgetown University and a former federal prosecutor. He is the author of "Let’s Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice.''
APRIL 9, 2013
To show how much power the police have, my cop friend plays this game called “pick a car.” I’m in the backseat of his squad car on a “ride-along “ and I select a car, any car, and he finds a reason to stop it.
The N.Y.P.D. uses this kind of extraordinary discretion to harass African-American and Latino men, Muslims and minority gay teenagers hanging out in the West Village – basically groups other than middle class white people. These practices are authorized by a police chief who values displays of force over common courtesy, and a mayor who presumes to know what is better for blacks than they know for themselves.
Society has most to fear from armed agents who feel unaccountable. That police say they need no oversight is evidence they do.
Of course the police need oversight. Most urgently, young men of color need somebody to protect them from the police.
Judge Shira A. Scheindlin of federal district court recently found that a police training video about stop and frisk “misstated the law” and that police officers in the Bronx treated innocent citizens “with hostility” when they simply wanted to know why they were being detained.
A free society has the most to fear from armed agents who feel unaccountable to citizens. The fact that the police say they do not require oversight is even more evidence that they do. What is police leadership afraid that close inspection will reveal? And how can a mayor who thinks the city has the responsibility to stop people from drinking too much soda think that the city does not have the responsibility to ensure that the police obey the law when they enforce the law?
I was a public corruption prosecutor with the Department of Justice.The Federal Bureau of Investigation has inspectors with whom I worked closely. I believe that this level of oversight helps the bureau maintain its status as the world’s best law enforcement agency.
One of the strategies that N.Y.P.D. credits with reducing crime is deploying officers to the neighborhoods that have the most crime. The idea is that when people know they are being watched, and there are consequences for poor practices, people will be more likely to do the right thing. An inspector general would have the same deterrent effect on police misconduct and poor practices. What is good enough for the citizens of New York is good enough for the N.Y.P.D.

Earthquakes around the British Isles in the last 50 days

Earthquakes around the British Isles in the last 50 days

Last updated: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 06:40:04 GMT (GMT)
DateTime (UTC)LatLonDepth (km)MagIntRegionComment
2014/04/1706:07:14.452.725-0.72543.24OAKHAM,RUTLANDFELT RUTLAND...
2014/04/1619:21:29.655.091-3.66060.7DUMFRIES,D & G
2014/04/1618:26:39.955.087-3.65561.42DUMFRIES,D & GFELT LOCHFOOT
2014/04/1511:35:26.353.212-1.02011.3NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F
2014/04/1320:58:53.353.212-1.02211.22NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/04/1305:48:31.953.206-1.02611.32NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/04/0600:53:13.553.208-1.02011.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/04/0408:06:59.253.206-1.02411.4NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F
2014/04/0306:30:14.351.715-2.248162.32STROUD,GLOUCESTERSHIREFELT STROUD
2014/04/0203:31:01.353.208-1.02211.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/04/0117:29:07.348.756-2.17971.8NORTHWEST FRANCE50KM SOUTH OF JERSEY
2014/03/3013:29:46.953.212-1.02211.63NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2523:14:48.353.216-1.02411.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2504:23:07.853.208-1.02411.73NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2321:25:02.253.212-1.02611.32NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2311:46:17.753.210-1.02211.63NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2113:45:08.353.216-1.02011.63NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/2107:55:29.253.700-1.73881.1BRIGHOUSE,W YORKSHIRE
2014/03/2106:40:40.954.776-2.722141.3CARLISLE,CUMBRIA20KM SE OF CARLISLE
2014/03/2011:32:15.553.206-1.02311.5NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F
2014/03/1919:34:46.553.204-1.01911.83NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1820:45:16.052.319-6.30592.23COUNTY WEXFORD,IRELANDFELT COUNTY WEXFORD
2014/03/1702:58:17.853.210-1.02111.33NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1619:16:35.852.432-1.77930.9SOLIHULL,WEST MIDLANDS
2014/03/1612:18:41.953.206-1.02411.4NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F
2014/03/1421:23:47.653.202-1.02211.43NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1400:32:39.953.205-1.02011.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1312:39:21.853.208-1.02411.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1204:44:49.953.208-1.03111.53NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1203:20:24.952.990-3.755110.72BETWS-Y-COED,CONWYFELT DOLWYDDELAN
2014/03/1111:37:31.153.212-1.02211.83NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/1002:21:14.753.212-1.02011.83NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0804:08:42.353.201-1.03611.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0705:13:48.753.213-1.01011.32NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0515:56:33.753.201-1.02111.43NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0501:18:06.853.207-1.02011.42NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0414:08:48.053.206-1.03011.52NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0317:50:49.553.209-1.03711.63NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0307:56:02.955.114-3.63620.7LOCHARBRIGGS,D & G
2014/03/0209:39:11.153.211-1.01211.53NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/03/0113:58:06.556.8507.506103.2EASTERN NORTH SEA
2014/02/2821:32:59.453.210-1.02611.43NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON
2014/02/2816:26:27.352.958-4.404220.9LLEYN PENINSULA,GWYNED
2014/02/2801:58:39.353.203-1.03011.63NEW OLLERTON,NOTTSC/F,FELT N OLLERTON